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Date:  October 21, 2022

Type Communication:  MEDIA ADVISORY

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Climate Change Forum - London - Oct. 17-20 & 'Captain Kirk' Shatner "Go Boldly Into the Future As A Survival Imperative"



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Climate Change Forum - London - Oct. 17-20 & 'Captain Kirk' Shatner "Go Boldly Into the Future As A Survival Imperative"

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The 8th Edition of the CC-Forum proved once again to be a powerful force in advancing investments in entrepreneurial, environmentally driven development.

As in years past the CC-Forum is a indispensable spoke in the wheel of those committed to assure a quality of life for future generations and all those residing on planet Earth.”  — Holmes Stoner, CC-Forum Ambassador

LONDON, UNITED KINGDON, October 19, 2022 / -- The 8th edition of CC Forum ‘Investment in Sustainable Development’ unspooled, October 17th to the 20th at the iconic Dorchester Hotel in London’s Mayfair District. Climate Change Forum is widely considered to be the ‘Green Davos’ and as a positive investor-oriented precursor to COP27 taking place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, from November 5-18.

The tri-annual CC Forum draws upon last year’s conference in Glasgow and reaffirmed the role of the United Kingdom as a leader in the global green transition. “CC Forum, provided a rich networking and cultural program, curated by Founder and uber impresario Max Studennikoff. "A reception at the House of Lords of the British Parliament, Thursday, October 20th, to a VIP Gala Awards Ceremony that featured a poignant speech by Karolina Bielawska, Miss World 2022 along with performances by tenor Freddie Di Tommaso and child proteges, violinist Richard Kollert, Young Ballet Academy and a drive by Earth Wallet to mint the planting of a million trees were among the highlights," confirmed Miles Halton of Sure Fire Event Management.

"Associations, innovative businesses, philanthropies and foundations too numerous to name are uniquely aligned in the creation of the CC Forum. Science, funding and intention is at the forefront to solve the vexing environmental challenges facing us all." states Angel Yunxiao Wang, Co-Chair CC Forum. Each in their own way represent a groundswell of committed persons, communities and institutions that collectively are taking on the urgent role as stewards of planet Earth.

And not a second to soon. Case in point. An article penned by Stephanie Nolasco, ironically appeared in the arch conservative tabloid the New York Post on October 7. Their editorial policy has traditionally politicized Climate Change as a "dog fight between socialist leaning Democrats and fiscal conservative Republicans while serving as a mouthpiece for the later," states Beverly Hills P.R. maven Ilene Proctor. Is it possible that “As the world gets hotter and weather patterns turn more deadly could the cause, consequences and casualties be pivoting even the most resistant of climate change deniers?” opines Malibu based Diane Kelly Productions.

As fiction morphed into fact, the lead story described William Shatner reprising his role as 'Captain Kirk' of the Star Trek Enterprise. Shatner was one of four crew members aboard the New Shepard Rocket for the NS-18 Mission, courtesy of Jeff Beso's Blue Origin, LLC. Nonagenarian and Emmy Winning Shatner exclaimed, “the experience left me in tears!” Writing in his memoir “Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder” his trip to space, “was supposed to be a celebration” instead, it “felt like a funeral.”

“As we disembarked the space craft I became overwhelmed by a feeling of grief. I started to weep,” Shatner recalled. “I didn’t know why until I realized that from 1000’s of miles above the earth’s surface I saw more clearly this beautiful, perfect sphere. From the stillness of space, I pondered a planet that took 5 billion years! to become what it is today. The multitude of things that we human beings can love and be aware of are infinite. Never mind the elephants and the great predators and all that stuff. A child, your opposed thumb and fingers, the cycle of seasons, flora, fauna and geography that can only be described as miraculous."

“In contrast, I grieved over the damage we have done”. He, like millions of others, anguish over our diminishing biodiversity, the erosion of great rivers, life threatening groundwater depletion, obscene pollution, oceans of plastic waste three times the size of Texas. As we ravish the polar ice caps, level vast first growth forests and decimate the planet’s lungs, we have a survival imperative to make big-ticket changes.

“It is our moral obligation to undo the damage that human kind has wrecked on our fragile planet,” according to Janet Pino who is attending the CC-Forum in behalf of Co-Modeco habitats. “CC Forum addresses and seeks to resolve with private equity investments such critical issues as Clean Energy, Impact Investment, Preservation of the Oceans, Healthcare, Education, Philanthropy and Social Inclusion, while bolstering Government Strategies and support Emerging Technologies,” confirms Dr. Yewande Austin, Founder Global Institute for Diversity.

Studennikoff and organizers are aligned with a ground swell of change makers and thought leaders both home grown to global. According to Roland Vandermeer, Chairman-CEO of UpTerra, a revolutionary AgTech innovator, “Together our mandate is to rollback global warming, renew our natural resources, reduce waste and in the case of the CC-Forum, secure investment in sustainable development".

“Since its inception in 2017 the CC-Forum commitment to assure a quality of life for future generations and all those residing on planet Earth has not wavered", states Dr. Rand Neveloff, PhD, Managing Partner, Titan Global Group with Theodore Waz, Co-Founder Vision Engines, VP, BoD, G20-World Economic Development Commission.

The tri-annual confab brings together major global investment funds, family offices, VC capital firms, HNWs, senior government officials, brightest startups, and well-known public figures. CC Forum organizers and guests eschew publicity. Among CC Forum’s previous participants were HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Ban Ki Moon, Stanley Johnson, Placido Domingo, Nouriel Roubini, Tim Draper, Dame Jane Goodall, HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, HE Sheikh Awadh Magrin bin Sultan, HH Sheikha Noora. They prefer to remain under the radar letting their good works speak for them.


The next edition of the CC-Forum in Beverly Hills, March 15 -17 will be a first to take place in the Western Hemisphere. It was announced at last night’s VIP Gala that Shah Mathias CEO/COO Ameri Metro, developer of critical infrastructure entered into a strategic partnership agreement to become a title sponsor.


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