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Oil Tax to Rescue Education in California Initiative (2011)

Initiative Statute pdf <>

Secretary of State letter <>



Dark Money

Examples of How donors expect and get what they paid for. (In their pocket, literally)

or "Legalized Bribery". 




* Definitions

* About Us and Contact-- Tell us about what kind of research you would like to see us do. We don't have donors, so our work is by our discretion. However, we are looking for applicable interesting topics and articles.

* About Us-- We repost articles from other sources.

* Labor Unions


* "Just because he/she's corporate, doesn't make them evil!"

* "Candidate's name:: A champion for labor (because of donors)? Not Necessarily!  When I was an apprentice electrician in the IBEW, we had a union person come to our class. He told us we should never vote our conscience. We should always vote our wallet." Unions take advantage of the public sometimes.

*My experience with the United Way telephone payment plan

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