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Date:  September 20, 2022

Type Communication:  MEDIA ADVISORY

Subject Line:  GMEN Celebrates their 25th Anniversary by honoring Two IT Giants and their Policies of Diversity, Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion



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GMEN Celebrates their 25th Anniversary by Honoring Two IT Giants and their Policies of Diversity, Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion

GMEN Press Conference event information

All successful people are fierce dreamers. They imagine a better future and pull out all the stops to achieve their vision of diversity, equity and inclusion, no matter how daunting.



No other organization exemplifies those guiding principles better than the Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN). Headquartered in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, GMEN  has been building businesses for 25 years and the future is getting even brighter. The organization has funded and grown many microenterprise development organizations, small businesses and nonprofits throughout Georgia and the southeast including Smart.Me and Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs. In January 2021, GMEN received a $2.5 million grant from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to continue the work in funding, supporting and training underrepresented entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits. GMEN’s goal is to continue building a multi-disciplinary arena as perhaps the best way to create a more equitable future.


GMEN is celebrating their 25th anniversary with an entrepreneurship conference in Atlanta, September 26-30, 2022. The organization is bringing two IT giants -- GoDaddy and BCT Partners to this milestone conference. Partnering with international funders has been a critical part of the success of GMEN including the relationship with both IT legends. Empower by GoDaddy has been a collaborator with GMEN providing services to the organization, entrepreneurs, small business and nonprofits that are part of the GMEN family.

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GMEN is honored to have Gourav Pani, President, GoDaddy US Independents as the keynote speaker on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 12:30 p.m., along with a meet and greet session with a diverse group of GMEN entrepreneurs at 11:00 a.m. As President of US Independents, Gourav oversees all areas of GoDaddy's domestic business covering the Everyday Entrepreneur, which includes dozens of software and services such as GoDaddy Websites+Marketing that enable them. No one works harder for all his hyphens. He joined GoDaddy in 2020 to lead, Search and Customer Marketing.,com%2C%20Search%20and%20Customer%20Marketing

Randal D. Pinkett is another IT leader joining GMEN for the 25th anniversary on Friday, September 30, 2022 as the closing dinner keynote speaker at 7:00 p.m. Pinkett is the chairman and CEO of BCT Partners offering a full range of technology committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. BCT Partners has supported GMEN for many years with a technological vision that has been light years ahead of the evolution of the industry. Pinkett was the 2005 winner of season four of the reality television show ‘The Apprentice’ and the first African American to win the US version of the show.


Gonrav Pani of GoDaddy and Randal D. Pinkett of BCT Partners are available for in-person and virtual interviews. I shall be in touch with you shortly to see what we might arrange.

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Meet Elizabeth W. Wilson

Executive Director, Georgia Micro Enterprise Network, GMEN


Elizabeth Wilson is the Executive Director of the Georgia Micro Enterprise Network, GMEN, the State Microenterprise Association for small, micro and agribusinesses in Georgia. She has provided professional leadership and training in the development of nonprofit services and management including program design, project planning, marketing and fundraising. She has a strong knowledge of urban, economic, and small business development, and has done a tremendous job in community development in Georgia and across the country.


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