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What the Fox!: Summed Up in Four Words: Trump de dumb dumb

Donald Trump- "Make Me Great Again"

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Truth be told:

Trump Memorialized on Twitter.

by Ilene Proctor

May 19, 2023

With a sly wink, nod and chuckle of approval, this deplorable EX*- president constantly gives his tacit approval to the use of violence against anyone who disagrees with him.

From his rallies to his all caps pigging out at his unsocial media feed he masturbates his lemming followers with his verbal blowjobs and mind fucks with calls to imprison Hillary Clinton, calls for Mexicans and Muslims to “leave the country” to his “ only good Democrat is a dead Democrat’. Lately he’s been mouthing words of praise for besieged, bothered and bewildered Dooty Rudy Guiliani which he simultaneously minimizes, all the while putting out rhetorical rubbish by suggesting (wink, wink, nod nod) Border Patrol Officials and cops to use violence against migrants, journalists and Never Trumpers. “And don’t forget, said this genocidal ex with obvious regret ” we don’t let them use weapons. We can’t. I would never do that. But how do you stop these people? You can’t.…

A woman in the crowd interrupted “ Shoot them!”. The ex of the 37% found this amusing and validating, as did his audience. Glowing in their approval and agreement , he spewed “ That’s only in the Panhandle you can get away with this stuff.”

So what’s the difference between him and Hitler. Hitler probably never picked up a gun, or a gas canister, or a grenade, or personally put anyone in a concentration camp. And neither has Trump.

Are his supporters buoyed by the fact that Trump has said he has the support of the police, the military, the border patrol, the bikers and uneducated rednecks and his devoted cultish followers? You bet they are!

This isn’t just about signs at protests — this is about a pattern of far-right organizing that puts all of us in danger. It’s beyond time for the GOP to condemn the toxic culture of antisemitism, racism, and white nationalism — both in the Reopen protests and in their own party.

In the vomitorium, politely known as Fox News. the prostitutes of journalistic integrity incite their listeners daily by repeatedly chanting immigrants will soon replace us. Is it a coincidence that the Nazi marchers in Charlottesville chanted “Jews will not replace us.” They have dubbed the impeachment panels “A Jew Coup. I say: “ White Supremacists will not replace us!”

As the nation becomes more aware that the mentally disturbed Trump must be replaced and incarcerated, he has become even more erratic, his rhetoric more vitriolic, his phobias more pronounced . There is no group , no person safe today in Trump’s America. White skin is no longer a shield in this new era of mass shootings. So until we figure out “what the hell is going down” Trump should shut his mouth trap until the nation has figured out “what the hell is going on” and it’s Trump, and his silly old puppet Pence and Trump DeSanitize wannabe. Perhaps they should all bite the dust and retire to their own special places reserved for them in the lowest bowels of hell.

* EX stands for excrement because Trump is Public Enema #1 And what’s dung is dung and cannot be undung. []

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