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Ilene Proctor | June 9, 2023


It's something of an understatement to say that we are all awakening today in uncharted territory. And, the rule of law prevails.

Despite his avalanche of trumped-up cries of innocence, and despite the wolf whistles on his BS, oops I mean TS channel, lets state with no equivocation there is absolutely no Divine Right of Presidents anywhere in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Classified or Top Secret documents, or even the Star Spangled Banner.  And no matter how mighty his mind thinks it is, he cannot declassify any of the above.

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Trump who famously once called himself a "son of God" and who brags about his long distance conversations with the divine is actually a mere mortal, a stupid and sad sac k of corpulent corpuscles who pinched his rally cries for his MAGA masses from medieval Christian European kings who once believed they were answerable to no one except God. This absurd notion of royal absolutism became known as the divine right of kings who expected and demanded total obedience from the people they ruled.

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"He's Not My King" protest banner

The idea that a king was God’s chosen representative reached its greatest extent in the 1600s. Britain’s kings James1 and Charles 1 who deigned themselves invincible being who espoused the doctrine of the divine right of kings. These kings and others in Europe tried to control both the government and the church. Eventually the people resisted. They fought and later gained power which eventually led to revolutions in the British colonies in North America in the late 1700s. As a result, the power of the kings was taken from them and went to the people.

And to our founding fathers who in their first amendment to the constitution created the establishment clause, the separation of Church and State. Acknowledgement of which is a true test of what historian Jon Meacham called “democratic maturity.”

History tells us that strong institutions prevail over strong personalities in such battles, at least when institutional values are backed by the beliefs and actions of dedicated citizens.

Even though Trump’s significant other, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un as the Supreme Leader uses the Divine Right Theory as his decree. The Kim family has ruled North Korea since 1948, and while their claim that their right to rule comes from divine mandate doesn’t mean that your lovey-dovey relationship is yours by osmosis.

There are now way too many witnesses for your prosecution. Your self-inflicted Divine Right to Rule was over in 2020.  Our Divine Right to judicate will hopefully put you in prison for the rest of your ungodly life.  [] 

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